Amit Sarda

Managing Director, Soulflower Co Ltd.

Amit Sarda

Managing Director, Soulflower Co Ltd.


I began my entrepreneurial journey in my teenage years just to make my vacations worthwhile

Here are a few phrases for my passion and interests: Entrepreneurship, Customer-centricity, Strategy & Data Sensing.


Being a young entrepreneur by heart, I have facilitated the realization of more than 100 ideas, conversion into thoughts and thoughts into achievements. My conversations with such budding entrepreneurs is one with a mutual sharing of perspective and enlightenment.


Driven by the love my customers share with me, I constantly try to find better ways to understand them and deliver solutions, smiles and happiness.


The desire of spreading happiness across India has inspired a reach to 1000 towns through the ‘Go-To-Market’ strategy (India has 1200 towns). My passion takes me rural and I reached there through Digital.

Data sensing:

Through researches of the effect of aromas, climatic conditions, geography, living conditions, life events, etc. on customers, we at Soulflower have created an entire algorithm to cater to customer needs, latent or realized.

Concepts ideated and initiated by me:

  1. Aroma Jockey

One of the biggest experiential hits in some of the most popular events across the country

  1. Aromatization through signature brand aromas

Your brand uniqueness is depicted through our specially designed aromas.

  1. Shadow the leader

A program to provide an opportunity to follow a business leader for a day/hours and understand their success mantra.

  1. Entrepreneur chat

A chat with budding entrepreneurs to give them a fresh perspective.

  1. Soulflower leadership program

We select people from great institutions and give them the platform to be an entrepreneur for a defined period.

I am a true believer in leadership and have firm opinion that to lead is a choice that comes with responsibility, ethics & sacrifice.