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There are a few who tread the unconventional path, innovate, apply and succeed. They not only achieve a professional milestone but set trends and instill confidence in others to do so as well. The Marketing Innovation Awards recognizes such professionals and brands who have created original & ground-breaking solutions that have taken a leap in providing the best in customer engagement. From this year on, this award will have an additional segment celebrating Client Side Marketers and Brands for their innovative use of available marketing technologies & platforms.




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The DMAasia Innovation Awards seek to identify and showcase the next generation of creators, innovators and disruptors that are developing game changing technologies and platforms to push the boundaries of what is possible for today’s marketers.

Innovation Award entrants are a part of the Generation of digitally-savvy, data-driven mavericks are known as GenD— they curate the dialogue, influence minds, and create demand with a capital D.

The Innovation Awards Program celebrates the pioneering products and solutions that enable marketers to integrate conventional marketing practices with groundbreaking technologies and enter, with confidence, a marketing space dominated by data-driven techniques and defined by rapid development, growth and change.

BUSINESS : Data solutions that drive business outcomes. These are solutions that enable top level marketers and the C-Suite establish data as the core of their organization. Entries in this category define the business impact and opportunities of data-driven marketing for their organizations.

IoT & EMERGING TECHNOLOGY : Data solutions that are enabled by emerging data sets and activation solutions. Sources of insight and targeting may be related to social data, internet of things – connecting home and car, retail tech disruptions, wearables, and more. Consumer behaviors are changing so quickly that today’s data-driven marketer can scarcely keep up. Entries in this category have the ability to leverage “what’s next” in the world of data, enabling marketers to stay on the cutting edge.

CREATIVE : Data solutions that unite art and science. Entries in this category are for the creative-minded marketing executives who leverage the insights from data to drive their creativity. These data solutions integrate mobile creative, content, emerging ad formats, user experience, and more – ultimately enhancing user experience and engagement – while achieving the outcomes desired by the business.

PERSONALIZATION : Solutions that use customer data to deliver uniquely powerful personalization while, at the same time, avoiding the dangers of alienating those customers. These solutions assist retail and brand marketers as they tackle the latest technologies and tactics that are paving the road to true one-to-one marketing.

MEDIA : Data solutions related to automated media buying and optimization, from planning through activation and targeting. Entries in this category give marketers the ability to reach a targeted audience with highly relevant ads – in the right place, at the right time, and at scale.

ATTRIBUTION : Data solutions for pre- and post-conversion tracking, as well as innovative solutions for audience tracking and targeting. The need to understand what is working, and why, is taking spending on analytic solutions to new heights, and these are the solutions that allow marketing executives to properly curate, manage and harvest results from the staggering amounts of data

Solution providers must demonstrate all of the following :
Benefits- Provide benefit to the marketing community and their customers.
Effectiveness- Demonstrate how it has helped the user improve efficiency or effectiveness.
Data- Provide data and detailed measurable results to quantify the impact.
Recency- Product/Solution should have been introduced to marketplace between Oct 15 – Mar 17

Solution must do one of the following :
Differentiate- Have differentiation from other products or solutions currently developed for the marketing community.
Revitalise- Have a fresh way of looking at an existing solution.
Extend- If a product/solution has extension, it must have substantial modification or adaptation.

All entries to be submitted online. The program is to be governed by eminent Jury members, led by a chairperson.

The jury members will review the nominations and assign it a score of 0 or 10, considering on the aspects such as benefits, effectiveness, data and recency. The nomination with the highest score will be announced the winner. Single winner will be declared under one category unless it’s a tie or joint effort.

Judges will assess the applications primarily on three criteria:
1. Does the innovation break with conventional ideas or processes in its field? Is it completely new? Does it go beyond marginal improvements on something that already exists? Is it a fresh way of looking at an existing solution?
2. Will it have a wide impact on future technology in its field or in other fields? Who is the end user — a marketer or a supplier? Has it helped the end user improve his/her efficiency? Are there any data available to quantify this impact?
3. Has the product or solution made a difference in the marketing community? Has it influenced the way today’s data-driven marketers think? Has it made the end user more effective? Has it strengthened and advanced the future of data-driven marketing for the long term?

The complete judging process is online. Scores are not made public or revealed to other jury members.

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Winning at DMA Annual is an exclusive privilege that also brings along special benefits:

Dedicated Awards Ceremony
– Honoring of DMA Knights Inductees and Winners at DMA 2017 Annual Awards Night.
– Opportunity to network with fellow winners at a reception organised to honor the champions.

Engraved Trophy
-A symbol of your achievements that is yours to keep.
-Winners receive a trophy with their Name and/or Company Logo and Winning Category engraved on it.

Press Release
-Winners will be announced through a press release that is distributed throughout the DMA’s massive network of marketers and industry leaders.

For Members – Based on the level of membership, the gratis entries can be availed. Further, the additional entries can submitted as per the below mentioned fees table.

For Non Members, Please refer the below mentioned fees table.

Member Fees : 395
Non Member Fees : 395

Entry Fees and charges* – US Dollars only

Marketing Innovation Inductee 2017


iProspect, ICICI Bank

Marketing Innovation Inductee 2016

Winner Category : Metal

Category : Video Solutions
Campaign : Hiral Videos: Viral Videos that Hire

Category : Content and Native Marketing
Campaign : The Big Leap – A Live Marketing Challenge by Philips

Category : Omnichannel Campaign Management & Marketing Automation
Campaign :  iSync

Winner Category : Leader

Category : Mobile
Campaign :  UTI Buddy

Category : Omnichannel Campaign Management & Marketing Automation
Campaign : American Express – Real Time Targeting Capabilities for Campaign Management

Category : SEO
Thomas Cook – Search Engine Optimization

Category : Social
Campaign :  MTV Junkyard – Stop Being Dirty Start Being Awesome


Ankush Bhandari

Strategic Council, Arvato


Deepali Naair

(Category : Data)


Ajay Row

Founder / CEO, Litmus World

Past Inductees-2015

There were no new inductees.