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Why content marketing awards?

It is now established content marketing can play a pivotal role in brand building & business impact.

DMAi content marketing awards program is another endeavour to recognize and reward the best of content marketing.

Content marketing is the key to engage and converse with target audiences. Content marketing has taken priority with the proliferation of mediums and reducing attention spans. Only a handful of brands & organizations have harnessed its true potentials and the content marketing awards are to honour the very best in content marketing.

To celebrate every marketer’s holy grail of mastering content marketing, the Content Marketing Awards 2017 will reward the creators, achievers and marketers who have built lasting connections & profitable interactions through content marketing.

1. Best use of content in digital: A great content marketer always strives to produce the best content that helps to engage the audience to the full extent. Content marketers continuously experiment to become the voice and image of their brand in order to remain on the cutting edge. DMAi recognizes the work that accomplishes its prime objectives through the use of digital platforms, including Mobiles, Videos, Websites, Apps, Viral, facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Podcasts or Integration of the digital mix and similar other work that represents the best use of content in digital under this category.

2. Best use of content in print: The world today is defined by information whether it is news, thoughts, opinion, advertising, videos, massage, spoken or written. Print has always been a medium of great significance that reached masses and had long lasting impacts. It has an unmatched ability to keep readers rapt owing to its sensory experience and tangibility. DMAi honors the work that makes the best use of content including magazines, newspapers, catalogues, brochures, templates, banners, etc.

3. Best use of content employing the latest technology: Technology keeps you moving with the time and content keeps you updated. The best use and integration of these two enable businesses to grow faster and reach the target audiences with utmost impact. DMAi recognizes such work that has best utilized the content and technology, including social media, videos, mobile devices, the Internet, software applications, computers, digital cameras, etc.

4. Best creative content: The intensity of reach and inclination towards the content decide the creativity of the content. The best creative content is an example of such reward and excellence that has helped businesses to make the most out of it. This includes the best use of content, photography, video, copy and any illustration.

5. Best use of content on social media: Social media has taken the front seat when it comes to reaching out to the target audiences as it intensifies your business and manifolds your presence. DMAi welcomes such work or campaign that has made the best use of social media platforms like facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram and twitter under this category.

6. Best use of experiential content: Experiential content is known for creating an intact and long lasting bond between brand and consumer. Experiential content infuses positivity among consumers to get closer to the brand or become brand loyal. DMAi welcomes such work or campaign that has had memorable experience for a brand under this category.

7. Overall best use of content – for launch: Receiving overwhelming response from the consumers is what a marketer expects while launching a product/service in the market. Content marketing aims at creating the real value to your potential customers by enticing and motivating them into a particular action. Any such action by the customers drive your business to profitability. DMAi honors such work that has turned the launch of a new product/service into great success.

8. Overall best use of content – round the year: If you are among a few who have utilized the content to its full potential to engage customers and drive growth round the year. If you have been able to get the most out of your business and achieve what you had expected by utilizing the content, DMAi would wish to recognize you for your efforts.

9. Overall best use of content – Campaign: A connecting and powerful campaign can turn the audiences in your favor. The real success of a campaign revolves around the power of words that have been chosen, described and conveyed with passion and optimism so that the end users can connect themselves with it so well. DMAi honors the achievement of such campaigns for the best use of content.

10. Overall best use of content for B2B sales: Sale is the eventual outcome a business expects for all its endeavors. Thus, DMAi recognizes and rewards the best use of content that has made exceptional contributions in B2B sales sphere.

Special Citations

Agencies: Best content marketing agency of the year.

This is decided by total of points basis number of finalists & medals won.

A finalist gets 1 point, bronze 2, silver 3 and gold 4, the grand prix gets 5.

Eligibility Criteria
– The awards program is open to all individuals, agencies, organizations and institutions involved in producing content marketing, in print or digital form, for internal or external audiences.
– The nominations have to be submitted through online application only.
– The Duration of the Campaign shall be between: Oct 2015 – March 2017.
– All entries will be prescreened to ensure that the entries have correctly met the entry guidelines.

Judging Criteria
– Effectiveness
– Brand synergy
– Creativity
– Strategic thinking
– Originality
– Results related to KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
– Consumer Value

Round 1 – The first round will be carried out online by a judging panel made up of mid-level representatives of content marketing/marketing profession from agencies as well as from diverse industries. This panel will shortlist the best nominations from each category and forward to the next round.

Round 2 – The second round will be carried out online by a judging panel made up of senior level representatives such as mentors, gurus and CMOs from agencies as well as from diverse industries. The panel will score the shortlisted on the scale of 1-10 and decide the winners from- each category/sub category basis the total.

*Judges to remain abstain from voting or any work in which they or their companies have been involved, either directly or indirectly.

Late Entry deadline & Closing Date – 16th Aug
Final Judging – 18th Aug
Finalists notified – 19th Aug
Awards Gala – 23rd Aug

– An agency/brand may enter their entries in multiple categories.
– Entries are considered pending until all mandatory information requested in the form has been submitted fully.
– All the information furnished by an entrant must be true and correct.
– The DMAi Secretariat reserves the right to reassign entry categories for submissions that are deemed incorrectly entered.
– Each entry will be judged on the basis of judging criteria.
– The info of the winners will not be disclosed to any third party prior to 19th August, 2017.
– Winners will be notified by email using the information provided on the entry form.
– The Awards Management reserves the right to withdraw or amend the terms of the Awards at any time.
– All entries submitted to the awards program become the property of the DMAi and may be used for promotional purposes.

– Entries must be entered online using the online entry form. No other form or substitution will be accepted.
– Disclosure of the agency name anywhere on the submission form/creatives/videos submitted for judging will result in automatic disqualification of the entry.
– Entry form once submitted cannot be altered or edited.
– Completion of the Entry Form, Submission Form, submission of the entry for judging after completing all mandatory tasks will imply full acceptance by each entrant. Non-compliance/incomplete submissions will result in automatic disqualification of the entry.
– An entry is considered to be submitted when all of the below mentioned criteria are met:
1. The entry fee has been paid before the payment deadline and the respective correct explara ticket no. has been mentioned on the form.
2. The “submit” button on the online form has been clicked upon and the online form shows the application status as submitted by the submission deadline.
– All entries and the work submitted therein is assumed to be original and the entrant either owns the work or has permission from the owner’s approved agent to enter the work, with all rights granted therein. DMAi shall not be liable for any trademark or copyright infringement on the part of the entrant.

Submit Proper Material — Online and Online only
1. Printed Media: No physical samples of any direct mail, print ads, catalogs, scripts/storyboards for broadcast, telemarketing scripts and other materials. You may upload samples.
2. DRTV/Video/Radio: submit samples via upload of a youtube URL.
3. Digital: submit via upload of a Public URL, address in appropriate area on the entry form.
4. Online Video Advertisements: enter URL address in appropriate area on the entry form.
5. Social Media: enter URL address in appropriate area on the entry form.
6. Please keep a copy of your entry application.
7. Please note that the person submitting the entry form will be considered the entrant and will be advised of the competition results.

“Be there as the Marketing fraternity honors the most outstanding of achievements!

Thursday, 23rd August in Mumbai at Leela, Mumbai

Book your tickets for the Awards Gala

Winning at DMA Annual is an exclusive privilege that also brings along special benefits:

Dedicated Awards Ceremony
– Honoring of Content Marketing Award Winners at DMA 2017 Annual Awards Night.
-Opportunity to network with fellow winners at a reception organised to honor the champions.

Engraved Trophy
-A symbol of your achievements that is yours to keep.
-Winners receive a trophy with their Name and/or Company Logo and Winning Category engraved on it.
Press Release
-Winners will be announced through a press release that is distributed throughout the DMA’s massive network of marketers and industry leaders.

– Winning brands or agency will get the recognition in the entire Marketing fraternity.

Member Fees : $150
Non Member Fees : $ 195

Rush entries submission deadline – Wed, 16th Aug, 2017
Final online Judging – Fri, 18th Aug, 2017.
Finalists notified – Sat, 19th Aug, 2017.

Content Marketing Awards - Winners 2017

Best use of content on social media, UTI Mutual Fund


Overall best use of content – round the year, ixigo


Best creative content, Camlin

Chairperson - 2017

Gulshan Verma