Apurva Chamaria, Global Head of Corporate Marketing

Conference Chairperson 2017

21st Century Marketing Organisations: A Blueprint for the Future

Business as we know it, has changed. Well, this is just an understatement – it has metamorphosed into an agile and a lean machine from the large and bulky beast it used to be. A testament to this is the fact that in the last fifteen years 52% of the Fortune 500 companies have disappeared. During the same time period we saw an almost meteoric rise of some of the global giants of today such as Google, Facebook, Airbnb and Uber.

So, what has changed in principle? It is the customers who’ve moved up the value chain and started demanding what they want from companies – primarily because they are better informed now and have a wide range of options to choose from.

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. ” ~ ― Alvin Toffler

As literate denizens, marketing too has to imbibe this change and transform its role of being a one-way communication engine to a conversation platform, where you hear from your customers at every stage and respond to them almost instantly. And for doing so, it must make use of all the tech enablers that exist today. The new-age marketing team will thus have to lie at the intersection of technology innovation and customer centricity. And the modern-day marketer has to don several hats to be successful – A technologist, psychologist, community builder, conversationalist, and most importantly an empathetic listener.

At the 6th edition of DMAi Annual taking place in Mumbai, we will be going beyond marketing as usual, and unravel learnings and experiences from global and national thought-leaders to help you re-imagine your business. So what are you waiting for?

Firm up your plans for the conference or prepare to be out-imagined…

Meet Our Keynote Speaker :


Thomas Barta speaks, writes and consults to customer leaders on raising and achieving their organizational growth aspirations.

A former McKinsey partner, Thomas conducts leadership research—including the world’s largest study, with over 68,000 executive assessments—on what makes for an impactful CMO.
Thomas has consulted and marketed for over 20 years, in 14 industries, in 45 countries. Each year, he gives more than 40 keynote speeches and workshops for companies, industry associations, and universities. His clients include many of the world’s most prominent companies, including over two dozen from the Fortune 500. He is the author of The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader (with Patrick Barwise, London Business School).
Thomas’s researchbased concept of Marketing Leadership brings a new perspective to the world of marketing. It helps leaders develop a top-management view of the marketplace and the organization, so they can shape the C-suite agenda and drive profitable growth.

What will Thomas Speak about ?

9.30 am Opening Keynote :

12 Powers of a marketing leader:

How to succeed by Building customer & company value

Leading marketing isn’t the same as doing marketing! What makes a successful marketer? The largest ever research on marketing leadership has proven that successful marketing leaders all have four things in common. They connect customer needs and company needs to claim their seat at the top table; they mobilize their peers to create a great customer experience; they mobilize their team to become leader of leaders; and they mobilize themselves, so they can inspire others.

The aim? More impact, more influence, and, quite simply, more fun! Research based–but brought to live by stories of the best marketers of our time. The 12 Powers captures and inspires marketers, customer executives, and digital leaders from around the globe.”

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Day’s Agenda

Segment : Data & Analytics
Segment Hosts :
Rajat Mehta, President & Country HeadBrand, Digital & Retail Marketing, YesBank
Kaustubh Nande, Head Marketing, Ansys Inc
11.00 am Segment Keynote / Inspiration Session
Leveraging the Data Lake: The CMOs perspective to Big Data & Analytics
Rajat Mehta, President & Country Head-Brand, Digital & Retail Marketing,

About Session: The role of a CMO has evolved over the years from a creative genius churning Mass Media campaigns & conquering distribution, to a 360 degree campaign expert claiming prophecy on the next Social Campaign about to go Viral, to now a numbers-crunching data wizard contributing to the customer experience and bottom line. Our jobs have just got more demanding, and the importance of combining creativity with data analytics is now a vital part of the job.

Key Takeaway :
Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence are no longer cool terms to brag but part of any CMOs daily life. Data & Analytics is a game changer, and companies can no longer afford to ignore it if they want to remain competitive in a business world, where the consumer is continually shifting consumption patterns to Digital & Mobile. Using data, business can uncover insights that can help deliver superior customer experience, find new revenue streams and innovate. More than that, data can help businesses predict the future and automate decisions, significantly increasing productivity

11.20 am Trendspotting Panel
Is the price of light less than the cost of darkness? Data Analytics that opens the marketer’s eyes for growth
Moderator : Ramesh Iyengar Chairman
& Managing Director, Select Direct
Panel Speakers :
Srinivas Jain,
Executive Director & Chief Marketing Officer, S B I Mutual Fund
Karandeep Singh, Head of Brand Marketing, Holiday IQ
Anindita Chatterjee,
Head of Marketing & Ecommerce, Welspun India
Upendra Namburi, Chief
Innovation &
Marketing Officer, Bharti AXA Life Insurance
Kanika Mittal, Head –
Marketing and
Brand Communications , Reebok

About Session: All customers are equal” may be great for the Customer Service departments, however when it comes to revenue and growth, successful businesses know that’s where the game changes. Identifying who your most valuable and very valuable customers are…understanding their behaviour through management of data, and leveraging their history to retain them and maximise profits is what is the end goal for Data Analytics. The panellists will discuss in an engaging and easy to understand way and help the delegates discover if indeed “the price of light is less than the cost of darkness!

Key Takeaway : Pareto created the law…you need to implement it!
How data helps differentiation
The need to have clean data
The cost of not knowing your customers
Building competencies within the organisation
Sector agnostic theory, be it BFSI, Retail, Services or B2B

11:50 am Case Study
Driving Loyalty through Campaign Intelligence
Speaker :
Nishad Ramachandran
Senior Vice President Digital
Experience, Hansa Cequity
Vani Garg Dixit

Vice President & Loyalty Head
Axis Bank | eDGE Rewards
12:20 pm Future Gazing Session
In God we trust. All others must bring data. Data driven decisions for better customer experience.
Moderator :
Kaustubh Nande,
Head Marketing,
Ansys Inc
Panel Speakers :
Manish Dureja,
Managing Director,
Adarsh Pete,
Marketing Lead, Adobe
Viswajeet Parasher,
CMO, Bajaj Capital
Jitin Munjal
, Co-Founder, Jus Amazin
Foods & Beverages Pvt. Ltd.
Shivalik Prasad,
Executive Director,
Mapmy india
Deepali Naair,
Chief Marketing and
Digital Officer, India Infoline (IIFL
Wealth Management)

About Session: According to Forbes and other industry surveys, Data-driven marketing has delivered demonstrable results in terms of customer loyalty, customer engagement and market growth. Organizations who have taken a lead on data-driven marketing report far higher levels on each of the key marketing metrics. While many organizations have some form of data-driven marketing in place, strategies are being implemented in piecemeal fashion, within siloed business units, without fully taking advantage of the resources that are available. In this panel, we will hear from some leading companies in India who are approaching marketing and customer journeys with data driven insight.

Key Takeaway:

  • Hear from Indian CMO’s leading the way for data driven marketing.
  • Is data driven marketing just hype or there is a real benefit to pushing this change to benefit marketing/business?
  • Develop greater awareness of success and failures through examples.
  • Understand best practices to implement data driven marketing in the Indian business context.
Segment : Content & Cerativity
Segment Hosts : Virginia Sharma , Director Marketing Solutions, Linkedin
Aashish Chopra
Head Content Marketing, Ixigo
Shweta Jain,
Head Of Marketing, William Grant & Sons
2.00 pm Segment Keynote / Inspiration Session
Are you content with your content? Lessons from the world’s best.
Virginia Sharma, Director Marketing
Solutions, Linkedin

About Session: As marketers feel increased pressure to move budgets from brand building to performance marketing in an effort to show ROI, it is not surprising we have seen an increase in investment in content creation and distribution. As the appetite for content increases by both consumers and business decision makers, brands are under increased pressure to increase their throughput of content to meet the demands of an “always on” content engine. But more content doesn’t necessarily mean better content. Are we sacrificing creativity and quality of content to just “feed the beast”?

Key Takeaway : In this keynote, Virginia Sharma shares her experiences and learnings from Cannes Lions, the Festival of Creativity, and seek to inspire the audience through some notable Cannes winners who brought together both creativity and content, where one did not happen at the expense of the other.

2.20 pm Trendspotting Panel
Brand Strategy for the next wave of Internet User
Moderator : Aashish Chopra Head Content Marketing, Ixigo
Panel Speakers :

Daman Soni, Head Marketing/Growth, Mobikwik
Dhruv Chopra,
ExCMO, Carwale
Sunil Mehta ,
Senior Vice President
and Area systems director, JWT
South Asia
Sagar Boke,
CMO, TATA Chemicals
Vijay Balakrishnan,
CMO Ujjivan Bank

About Session: The Indian internet user base is sky-rocketing, so is the crazy adoption of smartphones by the millions. With low data costs, India is consuming a lot more content on mobile than on TV or Print. This sets up a new challenge, of how brands will evolve their strategy for the next wave of millions getting on the bandwagon. With 29 languages spoken in India, almost half the user base consume content in local language. With social networking apps making up the top five among highest downloads in the country, coupled with a growing love for regional content, brands need to re-think their strategy for the next phase of internet growth in India. This session is about how industry experts plan to deal with this rising trend and engage with the rising millions.

Key Takeaway:

  • Key brand challenges for this emerging trend
  • Solutions/experiments brands should be focussing on
  • Role of TV and other media
  • How to do regional content in local languages
  • Emerging patterns of content consumption in India.
  • How to reach millions on a budget: Expert perspective
  • Ask Me Anything: Q&A with experts on the Panel.
2.20 pm Case Study The ShopClues story Speakers :
Ashish Khazanchi,
Partner, Enormous
Harneet Singh ,
Head Marketing,

About Session: ShopClues has come to be a billion and a half dollar enterprise in about four years. This was done in the face of some of the stiffest competition possible and with very thin budgets.

Key Takeaway:

  • What was the behind the scenes story.
  • What keeps ShopClues sharp and relevant.
3:20 pm

Future Gazing Session

C2C or B2C: Creator to consumer versus Brand to Consumer

Moderator : Shweta Jain, Head Of
Marketing, William Grant & Sons
Panel Speakers :

Vinay Singhal, Cofounder & CEO,
Anubha Bhonsle,
Executive Editor,
Shamik Talukder,
Head India and APAC, escapeX
Zafar Anjum,
Founder & CEO, Kitaab.org and Filmwallas.com

About Session: Brands with inspiring values are natural content collaborators : how brand custodians can work seamlessly with creators by getting the basics right Conventional creative agency domain is shaking on back of direct content collaborations Content as an influencer : hence reinvention of conventional Brand Ambassadors/Celeb endorsers

Key Takeaway:

How does the world’s second largest reach content platform work out for brand messaging

  • Why native needs to stay native
  • Creator & Collaborator roadblocks to amplifiable content and what approaches overcome them
  • Story/Case Study of:
  • Grant’s Awesome job you cant apply for
  • Wittyfeed’s climb to 50 million from a small town startup
  • Escapex : Social Media Reimagined
Segment : Future of Marketing
Segment Hosts :
Namrita Mahindro Senior GM, Mahindra Group
Sapna Desai , Head – Marketing and Communications, Cigna TTK
4:00 pm Segment Keynote / Inspiration Session
The future is now
Namrita Mahindro Senior GM,
Mahindra Group

About Session: Marketing has gone through a fundamental change in the last five years. There has been an onslaught of technological innovations combined with rapidly changing consumer expectations that has caught many a marketer unprepared

The businesses that are thriving today are those that have transformed. The digital transformation journey is not building the next app or deciding where to invest one’s advertising budgets. It’s about re-imagining the customer experience, looking at new business opportunities, building culture and capabilities and leveraging technology and data to build a differentiated brand and a business that will succeed in the digital economy

Key Takeaway : In this keynote, Namrita Mahindro will share with the audience her key learnings and takeaways from some of these exemplar organizations that have traversed this journey embracing change and innovation as the mantra to stay ahead of the curve

4:20 pm Trendspotting Session
Don’t follow trends. Create them!
Moderator : Sapna Desai, Head – Marketing and Communications,
Cigna TTK
Panel Speakers :
Madhukar Sabnavis,
Country Head-
Planning and Discovery, Ogilvy and
Mather Vikas Banga, Boston Consulting
Shalini Banerjee,
Head Marketing,
India SMB, Google
Sujatha V Kumar,
Director Category
Marketing & Corporate Brand,
Coca Cola

About Session: With marketing changing at breakneck speed, the industry faces a new challenge:
how do you keep up with the latest trends, separate what is meaningful, and plan for today and for the future? How do we position marketing as a strategic role that drives above-market growth based on a deep knowledge of the customer. In this panel our experienced and insightful panelist will identify & examine current trends, predict the next big thing and forecast the future of marketing.

  • In a world where consumers and the mediums to reach them are constantly changing, how do you as a marketer spot the new trends? What’s your mantra?
  • Businesses models change, what was relevant yesterday may not be relevant today. How this impact marketing does, are we ready to make the swift change in marketing structures and organisation?
  • What would be the top 3 trends that a marketer today should be focussing on?
  • How does one draw a line between trends that are fads and the authentic ones?
  • Which are the new age tools/platforms that are used to tap new trends?
  • Is keeping up with ever changing marketing trends easy?

Key Takeaway :

  • The new marketing trends that are shaping the future, the session will provide an Indian perspective with a focus on consumer insights
  • Diverse experience from marketers coming from different domains will equip the audience with real world cases and learnings
  • Strategies to identify different trends and tools that help choose the best trends relevant to businesses
4:50 pm Case Study
Customer Experience and Digital Transformation: The Next Logical Steps for Digital Marketers
Speaker :
Jaspreet Bindra,
Vice President Digital Transformation,
Mahindra Group

About Session:

  • How to approach Digital Transformation in an Organisation: Digital Transformation in the
    Mahindra Group
  • How Customer Experience is one of the three critical pillars of Digital Transformation

Key Takeaway :

  • How to view/improve customer experience holistically
5:20 pm Future Gazing Session Marketing 3.0 Moderator :
Anant Rangaswamy,
Editor, CNBC
Panel Speakers :
Ajai Jhala,
Vatsal Asher,
CEO, DMAasia
Apurva Chamaria,
VP & Head
Corporate Marketing, HCL
Anupam Datta,
xMD & CEO,
Allied Blenders
Karthi Marshan,
Group CMO,

*DMAasia reserves the right to amend sessions / speakers.